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2024: Returning to Life in Body, Mind & Soul

While there were heartwarming scenes of soldiers and civilians who were either injured on October 7 or during the early stages of the war in Gaza, leaving the confines of Sheba Medical Center’s rehabilitation facilities last week, the harsh reality of our hospital wards and rehab centers filling up again with more wounded soldiers, was evident this past weekend.

The challenges ahead in 2024 will be no less taxing on our dedicated medical staff and support personnel, as they deal with repairing both the physical and mental wounds suffered by our valiant soldiers and civilians alike. It’s a process that can take months or even years, as the scourge of PTSD alone can manifest itself long after trauma has been experienced.

And what about the remaining hostages? Mia Schem, the brave 21-year old woman, who survived nearly two months in Hamas captivity and was treated by Sheba’s doctors, has been extremely vocal about what she endured and her fears for those who are still being held in horrific conditions in Gaza.

Each time a flicker of hope regarding the remaining hostages is broadcast in the media, Sheba’s special hostage medical teams diligently rehearse and gird themselves to offer a dose of humanity in the face of the evil that our people have endured in enemy territory.

Inspiring reminders of our work during 2023 are highlighted in the videos featured in this week’s edition.

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