Retinoblastoma is a potentially deadly form of cancer, most common among children, that is relatively common in Afghanistan. Every year, around 100 new cases are diagnosed in the country, which, unfortunately, has no dedicated treatment centers.

Recognizing the plight of Afghan children, Sheba partnered with medical professionals from Pakistan to create the New Silk Road Project. Like the original Silk Road that existed many centuries ago, the new project will bring people of different cultures together to share knowledge, expertise, and goodwill.

This New Silk Road aims to provide Afghan children with advanced retinoblastoma care, saving their eyesight and lives through a combination of collaboration, telemedicine consultation, regional coordination and charitable contributions. With efforts headed by Sheba’s Prof. Ido Didi Fabian and Dr. Mattan Arazi, we are proud to support the project both financially and clinically.

Travel of Afghan children with retinoblastoma is aranged and funded

As part of the New Silk Road, the travel of Afghan children with retinoblastoma and their parents to the Children’s Hospital Lahore in Pakistan is arranged and funded, including medical treatment and accommodation, while Sheba experts provide clinical support through telemedicine technologies. So far, ten patients have been treated as part of the project, and more will soon follow.

It is both an honor and a privilege to be a part of this historic project, and we hope that it will inspire the creation of similar projects in the future.

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