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A “Pilot” Program Creates a Life-Saving Reality

Whenever a military or civilian helicopter lands on Sheba’s large helipad in the back of the hospital, there is a sense of drama, a race against time etc.

Recently, Sheba began working with United Hatzalah and Lahak Aviation on a pilot project to whisk critically ill patients in need of immediate treatments to the hospital from the periphery in both Northern and Southern Israel.

Last week, the dedicated medical teams within Sheba’s oncology departments worked diligently to save the lives of Keren Nachmias and her beloved daughter, Ayala. Our compassionate healthcare professionals are on the frontlines, providing the best possible care and treatment options to combat horrific diseases such as cancer.
And indeed it is a rarity when both a mother and her child are in desperate need of medical assistance.

The partnership with United Hatzalah’s helicopter service has been a game-changer for the Nachmias family and others facing similar challenges. By drastically reducing the travel time between their home in Dimona (Southern Israel) and Sheba Medical Center, the helicopter service has lightened the burden on Keren and Ayala, making their medical visits less grueling and more manageable.

The resilience and hope displayed by the Nachmias family, along with the unwavering dedication of the medical teams and the helicopter lifesavers, highlight the strength that can be found in unity when facing life’s greatest challenges.

Watch the dramatic footage of their arrival to Sheba in this edition.


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