AIDOC's groundbreaking AI technology to enhance emergency response and patient care showcases a new era in medical innovation and lifesaving interventions.

The events of October 7th ignited an urgency across Sheba and Israel’s greater medical community for innovation and treatment plans on a mass scale. Multiple measures have been taken and every technology available has been utilized to the fullest extent. 

One company that has been a significant difference maker amid these challenging times has been AIDOC. Originating from Sheba, AIDOC’s system employs artificial intelligence to analyze various medical scans, identifying potential issues for radiologists or emergency room personnel to review. As of 2024, more than 1,200 hospitals worldwide use AIDOC’s system.

AIDOC System: Revolutionizing Emergency Response at Sheba

On the day of the 7/10 attacks, a 23-year-old woman was rushed to Sheba in dire condition. When Hamas terrorists invaded the Nova music festival, they shot her multiple times. A bullet pierced her left eye and became embedded in the right side of her brain. The AIDOC system identified a hemorrhage in one of her brain’s arteries, prompting an immediate notification to Dr. Gal Yaniv, Sheba’s Director of Endovascular Surgery, both on his phone and computer. Although a radiologist would likely have discovered the bleed eventually, AIDOC’s prompt alert expedited the process, crucially saving time in a situation where every minute counts.

Dr. Gal Yaniv standing in an AIDOC supported operating theater. Sheba Healthcare Center.

Dr. Yaniv commented, “Fortunately, everything was caught in time and treated properly and the young woman is now recovering from this and her other wounds in our rehabilitation center.” 

Not everyone affected by the violence on that day was as lucky. However, the expertise of Sheba’s medical staff, combined with the array of advanced technologies the hospital is incorporating, suggests significantly improved survival rates and more positive long-term health outcomes.

AIDOC’s technology has been a significant force on our constant mission to preserve life and provide hope to people in the direst of situations here in Israel and around the globe.

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