As tensions escalate in the region, Sheba has risen to the occasion, stepping up measures to ensure that all those in need receive access to expert care.

Due to conflict, Safra Children’s Hospital has been relocated

In the wake of escalating hostilities, Sheba has treated 197 injured individuals, of whom 41 remain in a critical-serious state. Understanding the paramount importance of safeguarding our most vulnerable, the Pediatric Intensive Care, Cardiac Intensive Care, and Neonatal Intensive Care units of Safra Children’s Hospital have now been strategically relocated to a more secure location. This move, guided by Sheba’s emergency protocols, aims to ensure uninterrupted care even in these dire times.

Moving to the new secure zone, which houses around 20-bed spaces, was no small operation, and involved transporting critically ill children, some on ventilation. The execution of this massive operation was made possible thanks to the collaborative efforts of logistics, information systems, laboratory, and pharmacy teams, coupled with our unwavering administration, nursing staff, and medical personnel.

Already, the relocated department has begun admitting pediatric casualties from conflict zones, including a young child from Kfar Aza, now battling critical burns over 30% of his body. While we hope for better times, Sheba prepares for every eventuality.

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