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Bill Silbey: A Remarkable Journey of Support for Sheba

Bill Silbey, founder of WS Strategic Consulting, is a seasoned corporate executive and lawyer with a focus on life sciences. As a strategic advisor, he has brought his expertise to start-up companies and boards, specializing in biopharma, biotech, health supplements, and healthcare technology. Despite never having visited Israel before, on October 7th, the Las Vegas-based executive’s life took a very unexpected turn when he learned about Sheba’s efforts.

As the news of the tragic events reached him, Bill Silbey found himself overtaken with emotion. Initially he read about Sheba’s efforts and contemplated sending a donation. However, as time passed and he garnered more insights, he felt in his heart that he must go the extra mile and offer his expertise in person.

“I read an article that mentioned Sheba, and then I thought about donating. As I read more, I felt compelled to go. Despite not having great knowledge about it and not knowing anyone involved with Sheba, I was intrigued because I heard it was a world-class medical center. So, I visited in December and couldn’t wait to return again in January.”

Coming from a background in medical innovations and biopharma, Mr. Silbey was deeply impressed by the groundbreaking solutions achieved by Arc Innovation. In fact, Sheba’s motto, ‘Hope Without Boundaries,’ resonated with him, particularly in connection with the medical innovations at Sheba and their significant global impact.

Bill was also deeply impressed by the profound care the doctors showed their patients, emphasizing the importance of both physical well-being and psychological health. This was particularly evident during his visit to the ‘Returning to Life’ rehabilitation unit. He further remarked on the optimism and unity displayed by both medical professionals and injured soldiers, which truly exemplified the resilience within the hospital and among the Israeli people.

“When I visited Sheba Medical Center, I was truly struck by it. Despite never having been to Israel, it stands as a remarkable symbol of the beauty of Israel and its people—compassionate and generous. I believe this is a crucial time for the country, and contributing in any way, no matter how small, is both meaningful and fulfilling. It adds to the spirit of giving and caring.”

Thank you, Bill, for being a Friend and supporter of Sheba!

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