After the October 7th tragedy, Jeremy Lewis, a physiotherapist, returned to Israel to volunteer in Sheba's rehabilitation unit, showcasing unity and resilience.

In the wake of October 7th, the nation was faced with a feeling of devastation not felt by our people in decades. Born from that deep sadness were also feelings of unity and brotherhood across the nation and even across the globe. Flights from abroad arrived carrying thousands of individuals who had long left Israel and established lives in other countries. Each one eager to help in any way they could.

Among these brave individuals was London-based author and physiotherapist Dr. Jeremy Lewis. Years back, he had a professorship at Haifa University and formed a strong bond with our country. Upon hearing the news of the 7.10 attacks, he requested a volunteer stint of three weeks and returned to Israel.

Jeremy predominantly volunteered in Sheba’s ‘Returning to Life’ rehabilitation unit, as well as some kibbutzim. The injuries were like nothing he had dealt with throughout his career.

He would go on to state, “ It’s very difficult to see a lot of young people with such severe injuries, but amazed, inspired to see how much positivity there was from the soldiers during their rehabilitation”.

Sheba extends heart-felt thanks to Jeremy and our committed physiotherapy team for their outstanding dedication during these challenging times. Jeremy’s unwavering support is truly invaluable.

Physiotherapist Jeremy Lewis talking about his experience volunteering at Sheba.

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