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Chanukah at Sheba: Injecting Light into Darkness

Despite the physical and psychological challenges associated with the on-going battle to defeat terrorists in Gaza, Lebanon and beyond, Sheba Medical Center radiates beacons of light and hope.

Israel’s top music stars have lined up to come to Sheba each and every day to boost the morale of both injured soldiers and civilians, as well as sick children. From Noa Kirel to Anna Zak to Shlomo Shabbat and Yishai Ribo (who also have significant fans in the USA as well), Sheba’s rehab center and the Edmond and Lily Safra Children’s Hospital are abuzz with performances, great food, fun and inspiring candle lighting.

Last Thursday, President Isaac Herzog and First Lady Michal, kicked off the holiday season with a tribute to the injured soldiers and civilians with an emotional appearance by Lt. Eden Ram, a valiant soldier who was critically wounded by a volley of bullets by Hamas terrorists who invaded her base. It was the first time she was able to stand-up and walk under her own power, which brought tears to the eyes of all who were in attendance.

And the volumes of donuts that have been brought by both civilians and the IDF alike to all of those recuperating at Sheba…well, we have all thrown our diets out the window for the sweet cause!

Chag Samayach to all of our friends and families around the globe.

Musical performance at Sheba Medical Center to celebrate Chanukah, widely spelled Hanukkah.
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