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Daniel and Shosh’s Journey of Support for Sheba

American couple Dr. Daniel Derman, Senior Vice President of Innovation at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and his wife Shosh have been lifelong supporters of Israel. However, they have always wanted to be more hands on with their support, both physically and financially. Following the outbreak of the war, they felt the urgent need to turn their desires into actions and boarded a plane for Israel.

“I knew before I came here on this visit that Sheba had the ability to mobilize when necessary, but I did not understand the extent of it. Incredible. And everything I thought I knew about Sheba was nothing compared to what I learned when I came to visit.”

Daniel remarked that he had long heard of Sheba’s reputation as one of the world’s top-tier medical centers and our innovative approach to healthcare, but was intrigued to discover its extensive international outreach beyond Israel. The establishment of field hospitals in various nations, including Zambia, Nigeria, Haiti, and most recently Ukraine, came as a revelation to him, underscoring Sheba’s significant impact on a global scale.

“Sheba has over 200 acres here and over 400 buildings that represent all the world that they’re doing here. They have a whole ecosystem and are looking at aspects of the patient, not just the physical, but the mental health as well.”

Like Daniel and Shosh, many people in Israel and across the world felt a sense of helplessness when Operation Swords of Iron began. As it would turn out, they found peace of mind and purpose in supporting Sheba and getting involved. By supporting Sheba in our efforts, this amazing couple actually played a role in fortifying our nation and our way of life.

Daniel remarked, “It is sometimes difficult and hard to find ways from America to actually feel and help Israel. And when we support Sheba, we really feel like we’re supporting the work of the entire country.”

Thank you, Daniel and Shosh, for being friends and supporters of Sheba!

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