In the aftermath of the devastating October 7th Hamas attack, Dr. Yoav Dori performed an inspiring act of solidarity. Leaving his life in the U.S, he immediately flew to Israel, volunteering his expertise at Sheba and serving on MDA ambulances.

Dr. Yoav Dori: A Renowned Pediatric Cardiologist

A renowned pediatric cardiologist and Director of the Jill and Mark Fishman Center for Lymphatic Disorders and Lymphatic Research at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHoP), Dr. Dori displayed an extraordinary act of selflessness. An Israeli native, he has dedicated over a decade to his work at CHoP. Yet, when learning of the devastating events in Israel, he did not hesitate to act.

Leaving behind his wife and youngest son in Philadelphia, Dr. Dori felt a strong sense of duty to assist in the crisis. He swiftly boarded a flight to Israel and volunteered at the Sheba Medical Center, offering his medical expertise and support, which was especially important as many doctors were called for military service. His commitment extended to taking shifts on Magen David Adom (MDA) ambulances, ensuring that both soldiers and civilians received the necessary medical attention.

Dr. Dori’s actions are part of a larger initiative involving Israeli doctors residing in the United States, who collectively joined forces with MDA, underscoring their unwavering commitment to providing critical medical care in times of need.

As we reflect on Dr. Dori’s journey, it’s a powerful reminder of the impact one individual can make. His dedication and selflessness in a time of crisis not only provided much-needed support to a strained medical system, but also served as an inspiring example of humanitarian action. Dr. Dori, along with many others who stepped forward, deserves our heartfelt gratitude. Their efforts in ensuring the well-being of others, often at great personal sacrifice, truly make a world of difference.

Thank you, Dr. Dori, for your invaluable service and compassionate heart!

Dr. Yoav Dori

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