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Family, Global Impact and Tikun Olam: Sharon’s Story of Giving

“I’ve only been involved with Sheba for two years, but I feel like it is now a part of my heart. I tell anyone and everyone I possibly can about Sheba and encourage people to learn more, understand, and discover some of the incredible stories that come out of Sheba because it takes only a couple of stories for people to feel a connection and want to be a part of something so amazing.”

For Sharon Vinderine, one meeting with Canadian Friends of Sheba Executive Director Einat Enbar two years ago was enough to inspire her to get involved with our medical center. “I instantly fell in love with the organization and could not help but want to be involved.”

Now part of the Canadian Friends of Sheba herself, Sharon recently toured Sheba’s healthcare campus, where we sat down to talk with her. After sharing her experiences from the visit, during which she was impressed with the scope of Sheba’s activities, Sharon explained what drew her to the medical cause.

For Sharon Vinderine, one meeting with Canadian Friends of Sheba Executive Director was enough to inspire her to get involved with our medical center.

“I think there’s nothing more important to support than healthcare. As a mother, a wife, and a daughter who loves her family immensely, I know that health is the most important thing, so whatever we can do to advance healthcare globally is the greatest impact we can have in our lives.”

When speaking about her support for Sheba, Sharon explained that personal motivation also played a part. “My husband has multiple sclerosis, so when I heard that Sheba has a special focus on multiple sclerosis with a dedicated facility- that was something of particular interest to me. I want to know there are options when it comes to treating my husband.”

However, Sharon also cited Sheba’s global efforts to advance healthcare and help those in need worldwide as an inspiration.

“At the end of the day, and I don’t care what religion or race you belong to, we are all human beings. The more we can help one another, the more we are contributing to Tikun Olam. Sheba is led by amazing, inspirational people, and knowing that there’s a facility like this that’s there to provide support, that’s advancing research, and that is able to respond quickly when global disasters occur is important for the world.

When I think of Sheba, I get emotional because I think about how many people it can help. We all think selfishly: how will it impact our lives, and why would somebody in Canada support a hospital in Israel? The thing is, when research is done, and advancements happen, it doesn’t matter where it comes from. Eventually, it affects us. It doesn’t matter that Sheba is in Israel and I’m in Toronto: I know I’m contributing to something with global impact.“

Thank you, Sharon, for being a Friend and supporter of Sheba!

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