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Finding Inspiration in Stories – Daryl’s Perspective

“To me, the greatest inspiration is in particular stories. As we talk about hope without boundaries, the stories in Ukraine, the stories in places that have been hit by tsunamis or other natural disasters, and some of the amazing stories coming out of the Abraham Accords that once seemed impossible. There are no boundaries, no borders, and no barriers, and I think that this best illustrates Sheba’s mission and speaks to how it’s much more than just a hospital, a complex of hospitals, or even a city of health.”

When it comes to supporting our medical center, “Friends of Sheba” organizations worldwide take the lead. These are full of outstanding and generous people, one of which is Daryl Roitman.

Daryl is a medical oncologist from Toronto, Canada, and also serves as chairman of the Canadian Friends of Sheba. We sat down with Daryl, who arrived at Sheba for what he excitedly revealed was his fourth visit.

Daryl is a medical oncologist from Toronto, Canada, and also serves as chairman of the Canadian Friends of Sheba.

Darryl recalled how he first heard about Sheba by accident through a good friend, who introduced him to Einat Enbar, Canadian Friends of Sheba Executive Director. After just one coffee together, Daryl was so impressed with what he’d heard that he not only agreed to join the Canadian Friends of Sheba on the spot, but also a mission to Israel, scheduled for three weeks later.

“That’s how I got introduced to Sheba: first-hand, on the ground, here in Israel.”

According to Daryl, as a physician, he was impressed at how Sheba has made a difference in local medical care, but also how its international reach allows it to impact global health through research, innovation, and humanitarian aid.

While taking a broader perspective on Sheba’s activities paints an impressive picture, Daryl emphasized that he was also touched by personal stories associated with Sheba, and in particular that of Idan Goldberger, an IDF soldier who was injured in the line of duty and then treated at the medical center.

“We held a gala in Toronto about a month ago and invited a Sheba delegation to join us. They brought with them an ex-soldier, Idan, and he told us how he was tragically injured in combat, really devastated by his injuries, and I believe spent close to 18 months in rehab at Sheba. These days, he’s living a normal life, married with a son.

Everybody in the room was moved by the transformation of this young soldier who was severely injured by a bullet that hit his jaw. He shared with us how his life was brought back to him, and not only that, but how he’s now giving back to Sheba. He has come full circle from being a patient, going through rehab, and now working as an ambassador for Sheba in Australia.”

Thank you, Daryl, for your support!

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