As we collectively enter 2024, Sheba emerges as a beacon of hope and unity in the face of Operation Iron Swords.

With a heavy heart, we have parted ways with 2023 and have entered 2024 with our sights set on a brighter future. Despite being in the clutches of Operation Iron Swords, a sense of unity and camaraderie prevails, enveloping our nation and Sheba. 

At Sheba, the year commenced with a heartwarming celebration of new life, as Ziv and Nadav Ben Meir joyously welcomed their first child and the first child born in Sheba in 2024. An atmosphere of benevolence carried on in the weeks that followed, as we welcomed numerous guests from around the globe who brought their support and words of encouragement to Sheba’s ‘Returning to Life’ rehabilitation unit. Among them were President Herzog and his wife Michal, the Yeshiva University basketball team, and volunteers such as London-based physiotherapist Dr. Jeremy Lewis.

Honoring Sheba’s Heroes and Remembering War’s Impact

Several esteemed medical professionals from our team heeded the call to serve in the reserves, dedicating their expertise to the critical needs in Gaza. Among those brave individuals, special recognition goes to Dr. Liran Levy, Director of the Lung Transplantation Service at Sheba. He volunteered as a doctor in the Givati Brigade and was a constant beacon of strength for his unit. 

On January 14th, we held a ceremony to commemorate 100 days since the outbreak of the war. Joining Sheba’s medical personnel were numerous returned hostages and their families and the families with loved ones still being held in Gaza. It was a night filled with emotional testimonies, tears, and a renewed determination to correct this grave injustice.

During the ceremony, Yarden Gonen, the sister of Romy Gonen, who still remains in captivity, stated,  “It is heartwarming to see all the people here. You, who do the important work of healing people, are here to support us, and we could not have survived so much without you. We must bring everyone back, both alive and those who are no longer alive. Because this is Israel, and we do not give up on our people.”

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