Rescued amid bombardment on October 7th, battle-scarred Israeli-American soldier Shlomo Klein sustained a unique injury and found himself on the path to rehabilitation at Sheba’s ‘Returning to Life’ ward.

For 21-year-old Israeli-American soldier Shlomo Klein, the dawn of October 7th began with a sense of urgency. Distant booms could be heard as he awoke, which he initially dismissed, as this can be quite normal on an army base. However, a feeling of uneasiness built within him when the sounds of the explosions were moving in closer. Reality had quickly presented the worst news possible. The base had been infiltrated by Hamas terrorists.

The Fight For Shlomo’s Survival

Shlomo immediately rushed into action and headed for the bomb shelter. Shlomo then reaccounted, “I was in a corner of the bomb shelter, guarding it from the window, and my friend was next to me, a meter away from me. He got a bullet to the neck. I took cover right away because I realized we were getting shot at. And when I saw that the bullets stopped, I put my gun down and extended a hand to try to pull his body into the bomb shelter. And my hand went flying back. I got a bullet to the forearm. I ran inside screaming, “I got shot” and my friend put a tourniquet on me. I said, “don’t go easy on me, put it on really strong, I don’t want to die.” So he put it on really strong.”

With a tourniquet on his arm, Shlomo and his armymates underwent seven hours of heavy gunfire and grenade bombardment. Then, the momentum shifted. Shayetet 13, an Israeli Navy unit, stepped onto the scene. Through a thick barrage of crossfire, they got Shlomo onto a rescue chopper headed for a local hospital. It was there that he would learn the full extent of injuries and begin fighting a new battle.

When Shlomo was shot in the forearm, the bullet passed through and didn’t cause any severe complications. However, seven hours with the tourniquet fastened to his arm prevented blood circulation and caused a significant amount of damage. Shlomo was unable to move any of the fingers on his right hand or his wrist, and is just starting to regain some function in his elbow.

Shlomo’s Road to Rehabilitation in Sheba’s Returning to Life Ward

Shlomo’s journey to rehabilitation recently led him to Sheba’s Returning to Life department, a dedicated ward that solely focuses on the mental and physical rehabilitation of soldiers and other individuals affected by the atrocities of October 7th.

For many, including Shlomo, the ‘Returning to Life’ ward has been a beacon of hope. Shlomo described his time there, saying, “Everyone has been very welcoming. The vibe is very good here in the rehabilitation department. They always have concerts and there’s a porch outside where everyone likes to go sit. The staff is great, they’re very professional. They know what they’re doing, and they’re very nice. We noticed right away that everyone’s very nice here. The difference between the Returning to Life Department and where I was before is that it’s about coming back to life and not about saving your life. It’s a big difference.”

We commend Shlomo and all the brave soldiers who are fighting for the well being of our nation. It’s our honor to treat and offer hope to anyone who has been affected by this conflict and we stand in solidarity with the notion that we will collectively get through this and look forward to brighter days.

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