With Israeli Doctors’ Day in full motion, we are paying tribute to our dedicated medical professionals by looking back at how they went above and beyond in the last year.

As Sheba gears up to commemorate Israeli Doctors’ Day, it becomes evident a single day is not enough to pay homage to our dedicated doctors at Sheba. The contributions they made this year have been invaluable. Their exceptional achievements and accolades received cannot be overstated and their unwavering devotion to our nation’s health following the events of October 7th is an act of selflessness that will never be downplayed.

In 2023, Newsweek ranked Sheba Clinic amongst the best hospitals in the world for the fifth consecutive year. Sheba was also included in additional rankings focusing on neurosurgery, gastroenterology and cardiology. Prof. Yitshak Kreiss, Sheba’s Director General, praised our doctors saying, “It is a testament to our talented and innovative medical staff, which on an annual basis treat nearly two million people from all walks of life in Israel and around the world.”

We must also note that Sheba physicians have achieved recognition from Forbes magazine, earning high rankings in Forbes Israel’s Best Doctors list. More than 200 leading physicians at Sheba were featured in the list.

Elevating Global Cancer Care

In any given year, our doctors offer a sense of hope and relief for millions of distressed individuals by providing them with top-tier care. This is a standard that is on a continuous upward trajectory, as these medical professionals pour hours into research and innovation. This year, Sheba’s REACT, a global cancer care collaboration effort, has taken massive steps to advance cancer care for the benefits of patients on a global scale. Over 225 doctors from a variety of nations with backgrounds in oncology attended the third annual REACT conference.

Unity in Healthcare Amidst Turmoil

Since the start of this conflict, our brave doctors had to work through their own emotional struggles, and had to tirelessly provide care in units filled to maximum capacity. Amidst this turmoil, Israel’s medical system shone as a symbol of unity and expertise. Teams comprising Christians, Muslims, and Jews collaborated seamlessly, offering unbiased care to patients of every religion and nationality. Their harmonious cooperation in challenging times served as a beacon of hope and reflected the enduring strength of Israel as a nation.

Our doctors are so much more than healthcare professionals; they are the heroes of our nation. No matter the time of year, if someone is injured or in distress, there will always be a doctor on duty to extend hope and pathway to recovery.

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