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Hostage Drama: CBS TV News Legend Interviews Prof. Itai Pessach

There was a tremendous amount of buzz across the USA this past weekend, after 2 interviews with legendary CBS News anchor/reporter Lesley Stahl were aired on CBS Sunday Morning, which highlighted Edmond and Lily Safra Children’s Hospital Director, Prof. Itai Pessach and one of the freed female hostages on “60 Minutes”. These compelling interviews shed new light on the

pre-planned cruelty that awaited each-and-every hostage and continues to be a major issue, as no one really knows at this point, what kind of madness the remaining hostages are enduring.

As each day goes by, the people of Israel and our dedicated medical staff are waiting for some sign of optimism.

Lesley Stahl was escorted by Prof. Pessach to the 8th floor in Safra, where the currently empty treatment rooms are primed to receive the next group of returning hostages. Ms. Stahl was duly impressed by what she saw and heard during her short but eye-opening visit.

As part of the world is still in denial about Hamas’ atrocities against innocent men, women and children, these interviews are critical to debunking the myths that are still being perpetrated by those who wish to see us disappear.

Watch the interview with Prof. Pessach below!

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