The new collaboration is set to focus on education, training, innovation, and bilateral research.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Sheba and Houston Methodist led the international healthcare community’s fight against COVID-19, developing as well as testing treatments, methodologies, and innovations that were later used around the world. A notable example is the advanced models used to predict COVID-19 patient deterioration developed in ARC, Sheba’s Innovation Center.

Following several small-scale joint initiatives, Sheba and Houston will join forces to advance medical education, training, research, and innovation.

Houston Methodist is one of the largest hospitals in the US

One of the largest hospitals in the United States, Houston Methodist is a multidisciplinary academic medical center ranked among the top 20 hospitals in the US by US News & World Report. Sheba Medical Center is the largest, most comprehensive healthcare facility in the Middle East, ranked as one of the top 10 hospitals in the world according to Newsweek Magazine.

Mr. Yoel Har-Even on Houston and Sheba colaboratio.

The new collaboration was facilitated by the Houston-based Consulate General of Israel to the Southwest. Israel’s Consul General, Gilad Katz, remarked, “This is an incredible opportunity for collaborative medical education and innovation for both institutions in areas such as data sharing, telemedicine, and more.” “I’m delighted to see the bonds between Israel and Texas continue to strengthen,” he added.

For her part, Houston Methodist President and CEO Cathy Easter, commented:

“Learning from one another, particularly during these challenging times, is vital. Houston Methodist and Sheba played key roles in the fight against COVID-19, and partnerships like this provide a valuable opportunity to leverage collective experiences and know-how – be it to redesign remote patient consultations and telemedicine or to treat critically ill patients through virtual ICUs.”

By forming strategic collaborations with multiple world-class medical centers, Sheba advances healthcare locally, and globally, fulfilling the promise of its creed ‘Hope Without Boundaries.’ Sheba has signed formal and informal agreements with dozens of US hospitals and medical centers as a foundation for strong and deep cooperation.

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