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International Celebrities Shine a Bright on the Reality of Things at Sheba

There isn’t a day that goes by without an Israeli or international celebrity visiting both wounded civilians and soldiers in our various hospital wards. The international celebrities are using the power of their vast social media audiences as an eyewitness counter-weight to the vicious anti-Israel propaganda perpetuated by pro-Hamas organizations, especially in the USA.

Last week, according to our media tracking sources, over 3 million people around the world followed the various social media posts, while over 200 million readers/viewers were exposed to articles/interviews about Sheba Medical Center worldwide. No other Israeli hospital has garnered such global exposure on a regular basis.

Sheba also continues to mobilize both medical staff members and patients willing to speak with international TV, digital and social media outlets to tell “our” story to the world. And, we have SO much more to tell in the coming days and weeks!!!

Facts are facts. According to the Ministry of Health’s own daily tabulations amongst all Israeli hospitals, an overwhelming majority of wounded IDF soldiers have and are being treated in various wards, led by our vaunted “Returning to Life” rehabilitation hospital.

In this week’s edition, you will hear from some of the celebrities, as well as read about some of the other accomplishments, outside the realm of the “war”, where Sheba continues to offer hope without boundaries.

ido fabian

Oscar Nominee Lee Kern at Sheba

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doctor on call

Award Winning Author Doug Murray at Sheba

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mona kidon

Sheba Beyond Breaks New Frontiers

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