At the AIsrael conference, Prof. Eyal Zimlichman of Sheba Medical Center emphasized the need for a decade of focus on AI in healthcare.

“At the national level, the next decade must be dedicated to the field of artificial intelligence in healthcare,” emphasized Prof. Eyal Zimlichman, Chief Innovation Officer at Sheba Medical Center, during his address at the AIsrael conference.

Reflecting on the unique challenges faced by Sheba during the conflict that erupted on October 7th, Prof. Zimlichman highlights the pivotal role of AI in addressing healthcare needs. “Sheba Medical Center was very involved in the initial treatment of the wounded, especially in rehabilitation. Recognizing the urgency of mental health rehabilitation, we swiftly sought AI-driven solutions to bolster our capacity to support patients.”

In response, Sheba embraced innovative solutions, including AI integration into patient care. “For example, AI provided real-time feedback to patients during exercises, exponentially increasing our treatment capacity,” Prof. Zimlichman explains. “Collaborating with Microsoft and KPMG, we developed an avatar for post-trauma victims, achieving a 94% accuracy rate in diagnosis compared to consultations with a psychiatrist.”

Prof. Zimlichman’s insights were complemented by other industry leaders at the conference, including Prof. Ran Balicer, Chief Innovation Officer at Clalit Health Services, Daniella Gilboa, co-founder and CEO of AIVF, and Noam Solomon, CEO of Immunai. Their collective vision underscores Israel’s commitment to leveraging AI in healthcare, pioneering a future where patient care is enhanced, resilience is strengthened, and healthcare remains accessible amidst challenges like the pandemic and conflict.

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