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Karen Barzilay’s Reflections on Volunteering at Sheba

Executive Producer at Door Knocker Media and Toronto native, Karen Barzilay came to Sheba on a volunteer mission following the October 7th attacks. Having only become involved with Canadian Friends of Sheba a few years ago, Karen heard of Sheba, but never could have imagined the full extent of its size.

“You can’t imagine what Sheba is like until you’re here. It’s something that I couldn’t even imagine the scope and the scale of it. And what’s incredible about it, beyond all of that is the level of innovation we’re witnessing.”

While volunteering, Karen journeyed to Kfar Aza, where she bore witness to the aftermath of the tragic events of 7/10. She also had the unique opportunity of speaking with the families that were affected by the horrific attacks. The following day, she met with some soldiers in the ‘Returning to Life’ rehabilitation unit, as well as the doctors who are guiding them to recovery.

“A Lot of people ask me, ‘why are you involved with Canadian Friends of Sheba? Why is this such an important mission to you? The equation is clear. By supporting Sheba, you’re supporting Israel, and by supporting Israel, you’re supporting us in the Diaspora.”

Thank you, Karen, for being a Friend and supporter of Sheba!

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