Following October 7th, Sheba has gone the extra mile, extending its facilities and establishing specialized units for our injured soldiers and returning hostages.

Decades on the global frontlines of numerous humanitarian crises have provided our dedicated medical experts at Sheba with a wealth of experience in handling emergency situations. As a result, when disaster struck the homefront, Sheba was well-prepared and equipped with the know-how to face it head-on.

In the aftermath of October 7th, Sheba Medical Center upheld its commitment to the highest standard of medical care, leading the nation’s emergency healthcare efforts and going the extra mile to provide soldiers coming off the front, as well as returning hostages with top-tier treatment.

The sequence of measures Sheba is taking includes the expansion of numerous facilities, including the establishment of an initiative called ‘Returning to Life’. Located in Sheba’s rehabilitation hospital, this initiative is dedicated to soldiers and other victims of terror, and aims to both physically and mentally guide these patients on a journey to recovery.

Sheba is excited to have received the recently released hostages, most of whom were children, who are currently being treated by specialists in a dedicated unit in the Edmond and Lily Safra Children’s Hospital. As of now, we are holding our breath, waiting for the rest of our dear hostages to be returned safely.

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