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One Couple’s Passion For Medicine – Vivian And Don Wong’s Story

“Hope without boundaries is focusing on the patient, not their race, not what country they’re from, whether they are rich or poor. When Sheba doctors treat injured Syrians- that’s hope without boundaries.”

It is a passion for helping others and healing that attracts most people to the medical field. In some cases, even retirement cannot stop them from pursuing their calling.

This sentiment is shared by Hawaiian couple Vivian and Don Wong. Vivian, a retired radiologist, and Don, a retired healthcare administrator, are Sheba supporters that we recently sat down with to talk about our medical center and their motivations for being involved.

The couple first learned about Sheba when they worked on a project northern Israel. The project needed the support of a local medical provider, and a friend suggested Sheba Medical Center.

According to Vivian:
“Sheba shares our goal of helping people from different backgrounds. I believe that’s the key to it all, serving other people. We’re retired, but I feel like there’s still a lot I can give, helping people in the U.S. and beyond.”

While visiting Sheba, the couple learned more about its advanced Tissue Engineering Laboratory and field hospital capabilities. They were impressed by Sheba’s approach to innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, which, according to Don, is a direct result of the openness Sheba Director General Prof. Yitshak Kreiss demonstrates when it comes to listening to his staff’s ideas on improving medical care. However, Don was most touched by Sheba’s humanitarian activities.

This sentiment is shared by Hawaiian couple Vivian and Don Wong. Vivian, a retired radiologist, and Don, a retired healthcare administrator.

“When I saw the documentary on Sheba’s field hospital in Ukraine, I was in tears. What Sheba did moved my heart. It is incredible how Sheba was able to set up a civilian hospital in a war area. The logistics, all the equipment, all the training that went into it. They didn’t even bring the equipment back! They trained local doctors on using it and left it there. This is an example for other organizations.”

Vivian concurred: “I was very impressed with Sheba’s field hospital capabilities. There’s a lot more that can be done, and I’m really excited to support the program.”

Dear Vivian And Don, hosting you at Sheba was a pleasure, and we thank you for your continued support!

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