Prof. Evelyne Bischof took part in numerous panels at the 2024 Longevity Investors Conference and shared her insights into the evolving landscape of longevity and healthcare.

Recently, the Director of Sheba’s Longevity Center, Professor Evelyne Bischof, took part in the 2024 Longevity Investors Conference in Davos, Switzerland. The two day event brought together an exclusive audience consisting of the world’s top longevity KOLs, investors and family offices. The primary objective of the event is to foster collaboration between academia and the business sector, facilitating discussions on the most current trends and opportunities while offering valuable insights into the field of longevity and rejuvenation.

During the event, Prof. Bischof had the amazing opportunity to take part in numerous panels. The first being titled “Latest Developments in Longevity and AI,” alongside Dr. Alex Zhavronkov and Dr. Hans Keirstead. The discussion highlighted advancements in the ever changing field.

On the right, Daniella Foster on a panel. On the left, a group photo with Elena Bonfiglioli, John, Defterios, Prof. Bischof, Dr. Alex Zhavronkov, Dr. Hans Keirstead, Dr. Tilo Beck, Prof. Dr. med. Christian Breymann, Prof. Sebastian Kernbach, and Joanna Bensz.

Prof. Bishof then took part in the “Latest Developments in Longevity and AI” panel. Alongside G42 Healthcare CEO Ashish Koshy; American Journalist John Defterios; Daniella Foster, the Senior Vice President and Global Head of Public Affairs, Science and Sustainability for Bayer’s Consumer Health Division; and Elena Bonfiglioli, Regional Business Leader for Health and Life Sciences EMEA, she spoke in front of prominent researchers, investors, and physicians. She elaborated on longevity medicine, the gold standards surrounding AI use, and presented tested solutions that are ready for implementation.

Bischof was also a distinguished speaker at the “Tech Frontier Breakfast” held at the AI House Davos, where luminaries from various industries convened to discuss the convergence of potent technologies. They explored groundbreaking AI applications in longevity, biotech, robotics, and quantum. Notable industry figures, including Jeremy Wertheimer, Rasmus Rothe, and Reed Albergotti.

Lastly, she participated in the panel titled “A Roadmap to Sustainable Health and Better Wellbeing in the Workforce and Society.” Hosted by Moira Forbes, Executive Vice President of Forbes, the discussion, covered by The Wall Street Journal and the Digital Economist, tackled the United Nations Health and Wellbeing challenge. The focus was on elevating workforce health and long-term business engagement through preventive medicine, innovative employment models, and strategic policies. Dr. Bischof, alongside esteemed experts like His Serene Highness Prince Michael of Liechtenstein, Dr. Tilo Beck, Prof. Dr. med. Christian Breymann, Prof. Sebastian Kernbach, Dr. Georg Nollert, Kay Oswald, and Joanna Bensz, emphasized the crucial link between longevity medicine and these initiatives.

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