Founded in 1972 with the mission to treat injured military personnel, Sheba’s Rehabilitation Hospital has devoted the past five decades to advancing rehabilitative medicine and catering to patients at all stages of their rehabilitation.

Many patients go through Sheba’s rehabilitation hospital

In times of crisis as well as routine, our Rehabilitation Hospital offers civilians and IDF soldiers long-term and life-long specialized care. It specializes in multiple areas, including orthopedic, psychiatric, neurological, geriatric, respiratory, and post-trauma rehabilitation – with the aim of helping patients regain control over their daily lives, rebuild their physical and mental health, and find ways to deal with the trauma they’re currently enduring.

The hospital treats 190,000 outpatients every year and more than 6,200 inpatients. It has
a total of 621 beds and approaches care in a holistic manner, with multiple specialists working together while treating each patient. We believe this is critical to speeding up the recovery of our patients.

Well-versed in the latest research in the field, Sheba rehabilitation experts are some of the most prominent in the world, and leverage access to Sheba’s cutting-edge facilities, including a Virtual Reality Training Facility, the Computerized Motion Analysis Laboratory, and an Isokinetic Laboratory.

Rehabilitation hospital of has treated patients for over 50 years.

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