Committed to ensuring comprehensive and nurturing care for our young patients, Sheba is seeking support for the much-needed renovation of our Pediatric Emergency Department.

At Sheba, we know that nothing is more important than the health and safety of children, which is why we are dedicated to providing them with the best emergency care available in a child-friendly, child-focused setting.

The Raphael Cohen Pediatric Emergency Department

The Raphael Cohen Pediatric Emergency Department is responsible for the provision of urgent medical care for children aged 17 years or less. Aside from handling acute medical emergencies, the department provides pediatric care for severe childhood trauma patients treated at Sheba’s Trauma Unit.

The Pediatric Emergency Department’s staff comprises 6 board-certified pediatricians, pediatric residents, interns and a highly qualified staff of pediatric nurses. The Pediatric Radiology Unit is in close proximity so that X-ray and ultrasound tests are rapidly available.

Why Are We Renovating?

Our Pediatric Emergency Department’s current infrastructure, designed over four decades ago, is no longer suitable to offer Sheba’s influx of pediatric emergency patients with the first-class care we are committed to providing. As a result, there are several conditions that can only be treated at Sheba’s adult emergency department. This includes orthopedic patients, and trauma patients.

With your help, we can create a facility that not only provides pediatric patients with optimal care, but does so in a unique, child-friendly environment.

How Will Your Support Impact Our Young Patients?

The New, Child-Friendly Department

Sheba’s new Pediatric Emergency Department is designed to meet the needs of children and their families. As part of our commitment to patient-centric care, the new department will be transformed into a set of sophisticated, soothing areas and rooms, providing a calming atmosphere that will help our youngest, most vulnerable patients feel safe and comfortable.

We intend to significantly increase the capacity of the department, and design it around the patient’s transit through the system, making it child-friendly, manageable, efficient and, above all, welcoming.

Dedicated zones will include:

  1. Trauma rooms
    2. Examination & treatment rooms
    3. Infant and immediate care areas

Rooms were designed according to the different medical designations, and to accommodate the most advanced treatments available. Oncology patients will be able to receive full treatment in dedicated private rooms. In addition, Each dedicated waiting area will be equipped with large screens, virtual reality, and interactive technologies.

All services will be available under one roof, including the requisite equipment, so children and their parents will no longer have to be referred to the adult emergency department for treatment. This innovative facility, dedicated solely to children, will allow our highly trained pediatric emergency medicine professionals to provide expert, compassionate care.

Your Support Is Crucial

With the generous help of donors and friends, we can ensure our young patients receive comforting, comprehensive, child-friendly care.

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