This revolutionary treatment is about to save the lives of burn victims on a global scale. Prof. Josef Haik details the miraculous effect it’s having in Sheba’s burn unit.

Sustaining a burn can affect the body in a number of complex ways, impacting not only the skin, but the underlying tissues, muscles and if severe enough, even the bones. The treatment and recovery for burn victims can be prolonged and also risky to some extent. Following the attacks on October 7th, 250 people were admitted into Sheba’s National Intensive Care Burn Unit. A few years ago, this would have been a nightmare scenario, and while still catastrophic, thanks to the newly FDA-approved NexoBrid gel, the treatment and road to recovery for these terror victims will be less risky.

NexoBrid: A New Era in Burn Treatment

Created by the Israeli company MediWound, NexoBrid gel is made of bromelain and numerous other enzymes that are extracted from the pineapple stems, which would have otherwise been discarded. While studied and tested for years, researchers always concluded it was unsuitable for treatment, as the enzyme would evaporate far too easily.

MediWound found a solution to this issue. Researchers isolated and dehydrated the enzymes, so they could be activated only when mixed with liquid and applied to the skin. After applying it to an area damaged by burns, NexoBrid would break down any dead tissue while preserving the healthy tissue surrounding it.

The Impact of NexoBrid Following October 7th

Prof. Josef Haik, Director of the National Intensive Care Burn Unit has stated in an interview with NoCamels, “When the skin is burned, it essentially becomes dead tissue or a substance that the enzyme knows how to dissolve.” When the NexoBrid treatment is complete, a doctor would only need to clean the wound.

In light of recent events, medical professionals at Sheba have seen how NexoBrid has revolutionized the way burn victims receive treatment. Just one year ago, hospitals would wait several weeks to assess the extent of eschar formation before undertaking the risky and potentially fatal operation of its removal. NexoBrid is a game-changer, as it prevents any unnecessary surgeries and allows doctors to know whether they need to operate after only waiting a few hours and not a few weeks.

According to Prof. Josef Haik, it has changed the way of seeing burns and treating them. After the pandemonium of October 7th, Sheba’s burn unit was overwhelmed with burn victims and NexoBrid saved doctors precious time by allowing them to avoid multiple surgeries.

Today, NexoBrid is doing medical wonders for burn victims in Israel, tomorrow and for a long time to come, it will undoubtedly be saving lives across the world.

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