Sheba joins friends and family in mourning for courageous IDF soldier Roee Nahari, who fell in battle defending Israeli civilians and saved even more by donating his heart.

Serving as the backbone of Israel’s healthcare system, many transplants performed in the country occur at Sheba. The case of Roee Nahari was, however, both heartbreaking and emotional for even the most experienced Sheba medical professionals.

Prof. Yael Peled, Medical Director of the Heart Transplant Unit at Sheba: “This morning, here at Sheba, a heart transplant took place that brought tears to our eyes. Amid the immense pain and loss we all experience these days, a handsome young man who fell while protecting us, the country’s citizens, also saved the lives of 5 more people even after his passing. We will do everything in our power to preserve his rare contribution for years to come.

In these days, when we face adversity, Roee, of blessed memory, and his family give us hope. Not only did Roee’s kind heart save the life of our patient, but it also taught us about the goodness of human beings, generosity, partnership, and love for one another. May his memory be blessed. In these difficult times, despite the sorrow, we continue to care for our patients regardless of religion, race, gender, or faith, and strive to save their lives amidst this terrible turmoil. Right now, Sheba teams are preparing to save another patient’s life with the help of a rare heart donation.”

Roee Nahari's Sacrifice: From Tragedy to Hope

Roee Nahari: A Beloved Son and a Brave Soldier

Iris, Roee Nahari’s mother, shares: “Roee was killed on Monday, October 9, 2023, while fighting for the rescue and defense of Kfar Aza. He was a respected officer, a handsome and courageous man. Roee grew up in Kibbutz Ura and was a beloved son in a family of six. He had a twin brother who served with him in the Paratroopers Brigade, and two younger brothers. Roee studied at Bnei Ayalon School, where he was an excellent student and beloved by his friends.

Roee wanted to enlist as a combat soldier, and despite a sports injury, he persevered. After undergoing a year-long rehabilitation process, and enlisted with the Paratroopers. We knew that Roee wanted to donate his organs to save other people, and despite the immense difficulty of this decision, we respected his choice. May his memory be a blessing.”

On behalf of the entire Sheba team, we send our love and deepest condolences to Roee Nahari’s family and friends.

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