In the early stages of the war, Sheba stood as a pillar of strength, providing crucial care to the wounded and embodying a spirit of unity and resilience amid chaos.

Since the early weeks of the conflict, Sheba has been at the forefront

In these tumultuous times, shaped by the war against Hamas, Sheba has emerged as a pillar of strength and optimism. Since the early weeks of the conflict, Sheba has been at the forefront, providing critical medical care to both soldiers and civilians affected by the ongoing crisis. The dedication of Sheba’s staff has been unwavering since October 7th, with teams working relentlessly to accommodate the surge in emergency cases, which has exceeded 400 individuals and continues to grow.

Building a Foundation for Recovery and Hope

A pivotal development in Sheba’s response to the crisis is a significant expansion of the Rehabilitation Hospital’s capacity. The hospital currently treats over 100 soldiers and civilians, offering them specialized, step-by-step treatment. This proactive approach by Sheba is a clear demonstration of its commitment to addressing the medical challenges arising from the conflict.

Further bolstering Sheba’s resolve is the substantial international support it has received. Notable figures, such as President Joe Biden, have extended their support. This international solidarity is further reinforced by the contributions of renowned medical professionals like Dr. Dant Katz, an Emergency Physician at Malibu Urgent Care; Prof. Teodoro Forcht Dagi, a Neurosurgery expert from Mayo Clinic; and Dr. Yoav Dori, a Pediatric Cardiologist from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, who all arrived at Israel to participate in treatment efforts.

Compassionate Care for Families of the Injured

Sheba’s commitment extends beyond medical treatment; it encompasses comprehensive support for the families of the injured throughout the hospitalization process. This holistic approach underlines the center’s understanding of the emotional and psychological impacts of the conflict.

The center’s response to the hostilities and its ability to rally international support not only highlight its medical excellence, but also its role as a symbol of global unity and compassion.

Sheba at the forefront

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