Sheba’s groundbreaking innovation is able to push beyond traditional means of medical care and provide patients with top-tier treatment wherever they are located.

In recent years, humanity has collectively faced a worldwide pandemic and a handful of global conflicts. These situations have left a lot of people hesitant or unable to leave their homes, which has prevented them from receiving the care they urgently need. Seeing this unfold, experts at Sheba Medical Center reevaluated the standard methods of medical practice and realized the need for an innovative change in patient care.

Based on cutting-edge technologies developed by Israel’s leading startup companies in collaboration with ARC Innovation Center, came Sheba Beyond, the world’s first virtual hospital. Its capabilities reach far beyond the limitations of traditional telemedicine services and are able to provide high levels of care to patients from the safety of their homes.

Sheba Beyond has already saved numerous lives in Ukraine, and is proving to be a real game-changer amid our conflict here in Israel, as it takes Sheba’s dedication and medical expertise beyond physical limitations and patient expectations.

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