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Sheba Global Impact Missions: 3 Nation Odyssey Continues


Last week, Sheba Global embarked on a journey across North America, bringing three brave IDF soldiers who were injured during the Iron Swords War and a dedicated doctor who volunteered on the front lines in Gaza. In addition, several members of the Sheba global staff traveled to Mexico to engage the Friends of Sheba Latin American Jewish community.

The 3 soldiers: Mendel, 20, originally from Chicago, a combat engineering soldier, Shilo, 21, a commanding officer in Givati, and Gaya, 20, a combat paramedic representing the strength of women in the military. All three of them were injured in Gaza during their service. Dr. Liran Levy, 48, Sheba’s Lung Transplant Program Director, who courageously served as a combat doctor and treated Shilo’s unit under fire, has also played a key role in this odyssey.

” “It’s a big honor to visit some of the people who have helped us. This is our opportunity to give back for all the support we’ve received throughout this journey.””

Their trek began in Toronto, where they attended and spoke at the annual gala. They continued on to major cities including New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, and will end their journey in Miami. Speaking at galas, synagogues, private homes, and community centers, the group is sharing their stories of strength and loss with those who have supported them along the way.

Gaya revealed, “It’s a big honor to visit some of the people who have helped us. This is our opportunity to give back for all the support we’ve received throughout this journey.”

Dr. Liran Levy echoed this sentiment, stating, “Throughout the war, we have been hugged by the international Jewish community. This is a good opportunity to say thank you to all those who have supported us. It’s also very therapeutic to talk about the experience.”

Led by Yoel Har-Even, VP of Global Affairs and Director of Sheba Global, the trek aims to have the soldiers and Dr. Levy share their powerful stories of valor and resilience, fostering solidarity and deeper understanding across the entire North and Latin American landscape.

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