At the newly-launched ADAMS Center, Sheba will promote data-based diagnostics, medical treatment, and research

An acronym for Ask, Discover, Act, Measure, and Share, the ADAMS platform combines big data with AI, gathering patient information from healthcare providers across the globe to create a “data lake,” which can then be put to a wide range of uses.

Last week, Sheba inaugurated the ADAMS Center, boasting an interdisciplinary team of researchers and clinicians who will apply the ADAMS platform to a variety of clinical, operational, and financial data-driven projects. Sheba is the first hospital in Israel to deploy the system, setting both a national and international precedent for excellence in healthcare via innovation.

ADAMS to be Integrated into Clinical Workflows

This, however, is only a first step, as Sheba plans to eventually integrate ADAMS into its clinical workflows, using the platform to help doctors gain instantaneous insight into diseases, explore treatment options, and simulate outcomes.

“It will revolutionize patient care,” says Prof. Eyal Zimlichman, Sheba’s Chief Transformation and Innovation Officer as well as Director and Founder of ARC Innovation: “MDClone’s synthetic data allows you to ask a question and get an answer in the same day. It’s a major breakthrough for medicine because the scope of new insights and studies can double or triple. Instead of just uploading one healthcare provider’s data, we can upload data from several providers into the same cloud platform and form a huge sandbox that could be a game-changer in how we access information.”

Leading the first deployment of an ADAMS center globally, Sheba will provide insight into the system’s use cases and best practices, serving as a springboard for healthcare transformation in Israel and across the globe.

Sheba launches ADAMS center, paving the way to AI-driven, optimized care and research.

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