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Sheba Medical Center & Charité Sign MOU Focusing on Strategic Scientific & Academic Cooperation


RAMAT GAN – July 6, 2022 – Sheba Medical Center, Israel’s largest medical center and a  Newsweek Top-10 ranked world’s best hospital for the last four years, held its ARC Innovation Week  global summit last week (28-29 June), hosting healthtech innovators from around the world to  experience how the future of medicine is being revolutionized at the hospital. 

Focusing on cutting edge digital health technologies including precision medicine, big data and  predictive analytics, telemedicine and mobile health, Sheba’s ARC (Accelerate Redesign Collaborate) Innovation Center brings together innovators, scientists, startups, high-level developers, large corporate companies, investors, and academia under one roof. The summit included presentations from world leaders in health and medtech and interactive displays of the latest technology being developed  at Sheba and deployed around the world. 

“The world cannot cope with the healthcare challenges over the next decade if we cannot transform healthcare. We need to accelerate the transformation of care and forge a bold new path,” said Prof. Yitshak Kreiss, director of Sheba Medical Center, in his opening remarks at the summit. “That mutual  vision shared by ARC and its partners enables us to lead the way in development and implementation  of cutting-edge world-changing technology.” 

Among the tech on display was a hands-on demonstration of Sheba Beyond Sheba’s virtual hospital,  which was recently deployed to the Moldova-Ukraine border to provide those fleeing the war with  medical consultation from Israel’s top-doctors. Attendees were also given the opportunity to experience  the latest virtual and augmented reality (VR & AR) technologies being implemented at Sheba’s MSR-XR  Healthcare Center to enhance patient experience, improve quality of care and train medical staff.  

“We were delighted to host our innovation ecosystem here in Israel to address the complex challenges  facing the world of health care,” said Prof. Eyal Zimlichman, Sheba’s chief innovation and transformation  officer, and head of ARC. “By showcasing our developed health care solutions, we invited our guests to  think further about what we can do together to continue evolving and implementing innovative tech  across the world.” 

Among the key collaborations celebrated at the summit, Mayo Clinic and Sheba Medical Center signed  an agreement to make it easier to share health technology and support early-stage startup companies. The collaboration will create an environment that enables rapid product development in the U.S. and  Israeli markets, allowing technologies to be established and launched to transform health care delivery  for all.

The summit also included a showcase of Chicago ARC, a new venture collaborative focused on solving health inequities in Chicago and the US, which serves as a landing point for Israeli healthcare  innovators seeking to bring innovative solutions to US markets.

About Sheba medical Center

The largest and most comprehensive medical center in the Middle East, Sheba Medical Center, Tel  Hashomer is generating global impact through its medical care, research and healthcare transformation.  Sheba’s City of Health boasts an acute-care hospital, rehabilitation hospital, research and innovation  hubs, medical simulation center and center for disaster response on one comprehensive campus in the  center of Israel. A university teaching hospital affiliated with the Sackler School of Medicine at Tel-Aviv  University, Sheba is shaping the future of healthcare, educating the next generation of care providers.  Sheba serves as a true hospital without borders, welcoming patients and healthcare professionals from  all over the world and consistently providing the highest-level medical care to all in need. Sheba has  been ranked a top-ten hospital in the world by Newsweek four years in a row (2019, 2020, 2021, 2022). 

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