The highly-anticipated REACT 2023 online conference took place on July 27th, with more than 250 attendees from around the world. Physicians and medical students from over 25 countries met to gain valuable insights into the latest developments in cancer care from Sheba’s top clinicians.

REACT: Supporting Doctors Around the World

This latest event is part of the REACT Initiative, which was created to support doctors from around the world who frequently consult Sheba’s physicians for insight into complex patient cases, particularly with respect to cancer. This initiative not only hosts medical conferences with lectures from Sheba’s leading clinicians, but also serves as a unique platform for doctors worldwide to consult and learn from each other on clinical matters.

REACT 2023 commenced with an introduction by Yoel Har-Even, the Head of Sheba Global, who highlighted the challenges faced by healthcare systems due to population aging, exploring how this demographic shift will impact the demand for medical care, and discussing Sheba’s solution – embracing innovation to optimize healthcare delivery.

The conference proceeded with five professional lectures from Sheba’s world-renowned oncology experts, each followed by a Q&A session, fostering an engaging environment for attendees. The lectures covered a wide range of topics, from novel cancer treatments to innovative research findings.

REACT 2023 reflected Sheba’s dedication to collaboration, innovation, and improving oncological care worldwide. The REACT Initiative will continue to foster an environment of knowledge exchange, contributing to enhanced patient outcomes and the advancement of cancer care globally.

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