Prof. Tzipi Strauss, director of Sheba’s Neonatology Department, led a four-day mission earlier this month to Bahir Dar, Ethiopia, to improve specialized neonatal care in the region.

The first hour of a baby’s life is a crucial time for intubation and resuscitation, according to Prof. Strauss. Accompanied by Dr. Leah Leibovitch, Senior Deputy Director of the Department of Neonatology, Prof. Strauss and a team of nurses and neonatologists prepared Ethiopian physicians to take swift, lifesaving action during that critical period.

As part of their mission in Ethiopia, Sheba’s delegation also treated premature infants and infants with congenital disorders, trained local physicians, simulated procedures to demonstrate innovative treatment approaches, as well as developed plans for future collaboration and continuing medical education for healthcare workers.

“Alongside my Sheba colleagues, I was honored to share our knowledge and skills with our local clinicians in Ethiopia and to work together to treat patients with the latest life-saving treatments,” explained Prof. Tzipi Strauss. “Our mission is not only about providing direct care to patients, but also empowering and educating local medical teams so that they can continue to provide top-quality care long after we leave. We believe that by working together, we can make a sustainable impact on the healthcare system in Ethiopia and help improve the lives of countless families in the region.”

Ethiopians have limited access to modern facilities

People living in Ethiopia often have limited access to modern facilities and consistent medical care, which, combined with extensive regional poverty and weak infrastructure, has resulted in a comparatively low average life expectancy in the country. It is our hope that Sheba’s doctors can give Ethiopian children a chance to live better lives, leading the way to a world with greater healthcare equity.

“Our team in Ethiopia includes some of the most skilled physicians Sheba has to offer, allowing us to not only treat patients in need but also lay the foundation for future progress in the region. We are proud to positively impact humanity and offer hope without boundaries,” added Yoel Har-Even, director of Sheba Global.

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