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Sheba on the Frontlines

A growing number of Sheba doctors have been recruited into the IDF in order to bolster the military’s medical prowess.

Dr. Scott Ehrenberg, who was born and raised in Great Neck, New York made Aliyah at age 19 in order to enlist in the IDF. After finishing his medical studies at the renowned Technion, Scott continued his training at Sheba Medical Center and is currently an Internal Medicine resident in the Internal Medicine B department under the auspices of Professor Howard Amital.

Less than 12 hours from the time the war broke out on October 7, Scott was summoned back for reserve duty in the IDF Medical Corps.

He is currently serving as a combat doctor for a tank and infantry battalion that has entered the Gaza Strip. His role as a physician and providing medical care in the field is critical to saving the lives of our gallant soldiers.

We wish Scott much success and pray for his speedy return to Sheba!

In this week’s edition, you will also hear from some of America’s most prominent doctors who have flown to Israel to lend a helping hand alongside their Sheba colleagues!

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