Sheba announced a partnership with New Jersey's Holy Name Medical Center to develop new solutions in the fields of digital health and telemedicine.

Holy Name is the first hospital in the US to use placenta cell therapy and the first worldwide to use Regeneron’s anti-spike antibodies. Holy Name played a significant role in the global efforts to combat COVID-19, which includes a cutting-edge treatment portfolio that included placenta cell therapy, and was the first worldwide to use Regeneron’s anti-spike antibodies.

In keeping with its history and focus on innovation, the New Jersey hospital was the first in its state to partner with Sheba’s ARC (Accelerate, Redesign, Collaborate) innovation center, which brings together innovators, scientists, developers, investors, entrepreneurs, corporations, and academics to lead and implement global change in healthcare.

Sheba's ARC

VP of Holy Name’s Clinucal Development Visited the ARC Center

During a visit to Israel, Dr. Ravit Barkama, Assistant Vice President of Clinical Development at Holy Name, toured Sheba’s ARC center, and concluded a collaboration with Prof. Eyal Zimlichman, Sheba’s Chief Transformation and Innovation Officer as well as ARC’s Director and Founder.

Both organizations are interested in advancing the implementation of electronic health records that offer doctors a chance to continuously monitor patients to help improve their care.

As part of the new collaboration, digital healthcare startups will have the opportunity to collaborate with healthcare teams in both nations, with the aim of identifying clinical needs and developing solutions to medical challenges.

“Holy Name has always been at the forefront of global healthcare innovation so that our patients have access to the tomorrow’s treatments – today,” said Holy Name Medical Center president and CEO Michael Maron in a statement. “Working in tandem with Sheba will enable us to participate in an open collaboration with world leaders in global healthcare innovation, all of us working together to find new and innovative ways to deliver patient care,” he added.

“We are enthusiastic about integrating Holy Name into our start-up ecosystem to collaborate on unique digital healthcare solutions that will benefit patients in New Jersey,” shared Prof. Eyal Zimlichman.

Prof. Eyal Zmlichman: We are enthusiastic about integrating Holy Name into our start-up ecosysten,

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