Facing the dangers of daily rocket attacks, Sheba has made the safety of patients and staff a top priority by moving the pediatric ICU to a secure subterranean location.

Recognizing the need for increased security measures, the hospital has shifted a substantial portion of its facilities, including the children’s intensive care unit, underground.

From Parking Lot to Fully Functional Pediatric ICU

What was once a parking lot has been transformed into a secure, fully operational pediatrics ICU and bomb shelter, equipped to provide full-scale care to patients. With a reliable supply of electricity and oxygen, medical teams can carry out their duties without fear of attacks.

The relocation underscores a Sheba’s commitment to providing uninterrupted care even in dire conditions, a dedication shared by Sheba nurses, doctors, and other medical personnel.

While Sheba’s teams may not be on the front lines, their contribution to safeguarding and healing lives serves as a beacon of hope.

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