In the wake of recent hostilities, Sheba’s Safra Children’s Hospital and MSR-Azrieli Medical Simulation Center are collaborating to conduct emergency medical training for military teams nationwide, equipping them with the critical skills required to address both civilian and military injuries.

Sheba’s emergency team already travels throughout the country

With Israeli reserve forces recruited to help face the unparalleled security situation, medical personnel have also been mobilized. To strengthen their capabilities before combat, a team of Sheba emergency medicine physicians, paramedics and instructors have volunteered to help utilize advanced training equipment and simulation devices.

The team travels throughout the country, providing crucial training for lifesaving operations in both military and civilian contexts, including scenarios involving children. The training incorporates advanced models and simulators that help practice the management of severe bleeding in the field, advanced wound treatment, airway and chest injuries, and other lifesaving procedures. In addition, the teams practice how to respond to mass casualty incidents, focusing on the optimal application of treatment under realistic conditions. In order to ensure the medical team trained can apply what they learn in the field, the equipment and techniques currently utilized by the IDF are used during these sessions.

Medical emergency team helping patient.

In recent days, they have successfully trained dozens of teams of medics, with ongoing efforts to train more every day.

Dr. Oren Feldman, Director of Pediatric Emergency Medicine at Safra: “When such an extensive call for reserves is made, a substantial number of medical personnel are called up, including doctors who typically work in hospitals or other medical settings and medics whose qualifications are maintained but not regularly applied in civilian life. Training under realistic conditions just before deployment is critical, exactly like a soldier practicing their weapon skills.”

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