By transitioning treatments to remote platforms, advancing rehabilitative care, and redefining prenatal treatment, Sheba showcased inspiring healthcare innovation under pressure.
Amidst the recent conflict in Israel, Sheba faced an unprecedented challenge. With a surge in casualties and medical personnel being called to military duty, Sheba found itself under immense pressure to deliver care while ensuring the safety of patients and staff. In response, Sheba turned to innovative technologies, to optimize patient care and streamline operations. Leading this effort were Prof. Zimmlicman, Sheba’s Chief Transformation and Innovation Officer, and Dr. Avi Tsur from Sheba Beyond, the center’s innovation arm, who played pivotal roles in deploying AI-driven solutions.

Leveraging AI for Remote Care

One pressing issue was relocating patients to missile-proof shelters while maintaining essential medical care. Using AI-powered remote monitoring systems, Sheba transitioned many treatments to virtual platforms, allowing patients to receive care safely from their homes or shelters. This ensured continuity of care and reduced strain on resources. Sheba’s commitment to innovation was evident in its proactive crisis management. By harnessing AI and automation, Sheba augmented its workforce and optimized treatment protocols, saving lives during adversity. Prof. Zimmlicman and Dr. Tsur integrated AI into patient care, from remote monitoring to predictive analytics. Sheba turned to technology and innovation to support rehabilitative care programs. AI-powered tools guided patients through essential, repetitive physical and mental exercises, crucial for their recovery. We also redefined pre-natal treatment by enhancing its virtual pregnancy service for comprehensive remote care. This allowed high-risk pregnant patients to receive necessary monitoring and care while staying safe at home. The recent conflict underscored the importance of innovation in healthcare, especially during crises. Sheba’s proactive use of AI enabled it to meet the conflict’s challenges and positioned it as a leader in healthcare innovation. As Israel’s largest medical center, Sheba remains committed to leveraging technology to improve patient outcomes and drive healthcare innovation. By embracing AI and other cutting-edge technologies, Sheba ensures that patients receive the highest quality of care, even in the most challenging circumstances.

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