New Jersey unveils Edge Works, a groundbreaking collaboration with Sheba’s ARC Innovation Center, marking a significant advancement in healthcare and technology innovation. This pioneering project within SciTech Scity aims to reshape the landscape of life sciences and digital health, heralding a new era of economic growth and medical breakthroughs.

In an era where technological advancement and healthcare innovation go hand in hand, New Jersey has developed a vision for strategic innovation in healthcare with the development of Edge Works. This approximately 120,000-square-foot life sciences, health care, and tech innovation hub, set within the burgeoning SciTech Scity in Jersey City, represents a remarkable stride in creating a future-focused, inclusive, and sustainable economic landscape.

NJEDA’s Role in Fostering Innovation and Community Development

The New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA), a driving force in economic growth, has been instrumental in fostering an environment conducive to innovation and community development. By focusing on inclusive economic strategies, NJEDA has positioned New Jersey as a leader in dynamic community building and job creation. Edge Works, a part of the ambitious SciTech Scity project developed by the Liberty Science Center, is a crystallization of these efforts.

Sheba’s ARC: Pioneering a New Healthcare Paradigm at Edge Works

The collaboration with Sheba is a cornerstone of Edge Works. Sheba’s ARC Innovation center, is globally renowned for its medical innovations and global collaborations. Through this partnership, the Liberty Science ARC HealthSpace 2030, a futuristic hospital simulation space, will be established. This initiative underscores the hub’s focus on healthcare and life sciences, particularly in pioneering a new healthcare model centered on prevention and early disease detection through digital home health technology.

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This collaboration aligns seamlessly with Governor Murphy’s vision for New Jersey as a leader in life sciences and healthcare innovation. Tim Sullivan, CEO of NJEDA, expressed excitement about this partnership, emphasizing the long-term benefits of job creation, educational opportunities, and economic growth. The Letter of Intent and the planned investment in Edge Works symbolize not just immediate economic benefits, but also the potential for enduring impact on the region’s healthcare and technology sectors.

Edge Works, with its focus on life sciences and health care innovation, particularly through the collaboration with Sheba’s ARC innovation center, is set to be a cornerstone of New Jersey’s economic and technological landscape. It promises to be a breeding ground for groundbreaking innovations and a model for future innovation hubs globally.

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