In a remarkable demonstration of unity, the Los Angeles Jewish community gathered at the “Stand Up for Israel” solidarity event, raising over $2.7 million in support of Sheba’s emergency care initiatives during challenging times for Israel.

Stand Up for Israel event was held in LA

An overwhelming show of solidarity and support for the state of Israel and Sheba was displayed at the recent “Stand Up for Israel” solidarity event held at The Saban venue in Los Angeles, where over 800 members from the Los Angeles Jewish community and other allies gathered to support Sheba during difficult times. Their collective effort resulted in raising an impressive sum of over $2.7 million in just one night. These funds will directly assist Sheba in providing critical healthcare services to those wounded during the ongoing hostilities.

The head of Sheba Global, Dr. Yoel Har-Even, was in attendance at the event as the keynote speaker. He shed light on the challenges Israel is facing and the strain they place on the provision of urgent care, emphasizing the critical role of Sheba in Israel’s emergency medical response efforts.

Another notable speaker was Brian Abrahams, Head of the American Friends of Sheba Medical Center, who underlined the importance of international backing for Israel in these turbulent days.

We thank the American Friends of Sheba Medical Center for organizing the heartwarming and uplifting event, as well as all who attended and contributed. Thank you for standing with us and supporting both Sheba and Israel.

Stand Up for Israel - Event in Los Angeles

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