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Stirring Tributes Propel Sheba’s Global Impact Missions


Our seemingly never-ending new ‘War of Independence’ has not only created new challenges for our innovative medical teams but also prompted stories of motivation and inspiration, which have resonated across the globe.

For instance…In a heart-warming ceremony held in Sheba Medical Center’s Mordechai Shani Rehabilitation Hospital, the Greenberg family (USA), led by Dr. Marcy Gringlas dedicated a new Occupational and Therapy wing in memory of her father, Joseph Gringlas, OBM, that will provide innovative care to both civilians and soldiers injured on and after October 7th.

“Here, these heroes will be able to regain their dignity and independence and through Sheba, return to life,” said Dr. Gringlas. “We are grateful that we are able to dedicate this wing in my father’s memory, in order to continue his deep admiration, affection and appreciation for the soldiers on the frontlines, the soldiers behind the scenes- all of the staff at Sheba and what you do every day, as well as the land and people of Israel.”

Sheba was also recognized by the State of Israel for its dedication to saving lives during the televised Independence Day celebrations, with Orthopedic Rehabilitation Hospital Head Nurse Anat Ben Dor and Gaya Tsubery, a severely injured IDF combat medic, who continues to rehabilitate in the Returning to Life section of the rehab hospital, honored with lighting ceremonial torches on Mt. Herzl. (Watch their videos below)

In fact, Gaya, along with two of her recuperating IDF colleagues and Dr. Liron Levy, our renowned lung transplant doctor, who spent a significant period in Gaza treating wounded soldiers, are now making their way across N. America to engage various Jewish communities, in an effort to tell their stories of valor and resilience. This Sheba Global Impact Mission will be unlike anything we have ever done before. We will be chronicling their personal feelings, as they engage each and every community on our social media pages (Facebook/Instagram) in the coming days.

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