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The Battle to Return to a ‘Normal’ Life

Think about it. Which nation has endured years of missile attacks on its major population centers, where miraculous technological advances (i.e. Iron Dome) spared the lives of thousands of innocent civilians from certain death, yet triggered psychological trauma in growing numbers of men, women and children?

Which nation endured a “second Holocaust” event on October 7th and is still reeling physically and emotionally from its aftermath, while most of the world, either looks on with indifference or has the gumption to blame the victims (i.e. the Jews) for being stabbed, raped, shot in cold blood and kidnapped by terrorists?

Sheba Medical Center, which is a microcosm of Israeli society, has been repairing the physical and psychological scars of Israeli civilians and soldiers alike for 75 years. But during the past few months, nothing has challenged our doctors, nurses and social workers with what transpired from October 7th, in ways that have never been written in medical textbooks or learned in classrooms.

In this week’s edition, you will see how Sheba is repairing the physical and emotional traumas that Mia Schem endured during her kidnapping and captivity at the hands of Hamas terrorists. This brave young woman underscores the strength and resilience of our people, which inspires us to fight for our lives and independence.

You will also get an insider’s view of President Herzog and his wife Michal’s visit to our cutting-edge rehab centers.

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