War’s unseen scars run deep, often leaving a profound mark on the psyche of those involved, especially the young and those offering care in the midst of chaos. Accordingly, current hostilities are expected to cause many long-term effects, including PTSD, depression, and anxiety.

Medical professionals have voiced their concerns over the possible long-term psychological effects on children. Beyond the immediate war, the exposure to violent content via social media only compounds these psychological threats. This exposure can lead to aggressive behaviors, reduced empathy, and an increased predisposition to view the world as a hostile place. One key recommendation for parents is to ensure children stay clear of potentially traumatizing videos on social media platforms.

Frontline Healthcare Workers: Balancing Duty and Emotional and Mental Strain in the Face of Chaos

Another group profoundly affected by this ongoing strife is the frontline healthcare workers. These professionals, despite their critical role, are not immune to the emotional toll. Sheba serves as a testament to this fact.

According to Dr. Yoel Har-Even, the Director of Sheba Global, while their sense of duty and training prepare healthcare workers to address such events, their human core remains susceptible to the pain and trauma they witness daily.

Yet, for some physicians, treating patients amidst such chaos provides a lifeline: The act of saving lives and witnessing the healing process offers a ray of hope, providing purpose and a reprieve from hardships.

Mental Strain in the Face of Chaos

“He’s saving a life, and he’s putting people back together again. That makes him feel good.”

The situation between Israel and Gaza serves as a reminder of the multifaceted toll of warfare. As rockets fly and buildings crumble, the silent, intangible psychological effects on the young, the civilians, and medical teams weaves a narrative of both resilience and the fragility of the human spirit.

In these challenging times, Sheba continues to support the people of Israel, providing both medical and mental care.

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