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The Quest to Maintain a Daily Routine Within a War Zone

It is almost impossible for anyone who lives abroad, whether in New York, LA, Melbourne etc. to fathom the daily “balagan” (craziness) that the people of Israel are experiencing these days.

But amidst the insanity, there is what I call ‘paradoxical sanity’, especially on the Sheba campus.

Iron Dome missiles might literally fly over our heads at Sheba at least twice a day, but visitors to the hospital are still complaining about the lack of parking spaces! And even when the sound of a military helicopter landing at the helipad with seriously wounded soldiers is heard, there is a sense of continuous routine for both the medical staff and citizens flowing into Sheba for treatments across the campus. No one flinches.

In the rehabilitation hospital, where dozens of soldiers and civilians are being “returned to life” (Sheba’s motto), the hallways and lounges are full of visitors, sharing their stories and experiences in a truly upbeat manner. Meanwhile, teenagers from all walks of life circle through the facility, offering refreshments, a warm smile and on occasion a celebrity musician will drop by and entertain, injecting warmth and optimism. Even Hollywood stars such as Nathan Buzolic (“Vampire Diaries”) will fly into Israel and make a surprise visit to Sheba to express solidarity. Not an easy task amidst the vitriolic anti-Israel statements that are being disseminated in Los Angeles and NY by many actors and actresses.

In this issue, you will continue to hear from our inspired volunteer doctors from the USA, as well as Nathan Buzolic.

As Sheba is also playing an integral role in “hasbara battle” abroad, it is important to disseminate information across a variety of channels. Therefore, I encourage you to forward this newsletter to as many people as possible, so we can widen our message and generate impact all over the globe.

ido fabian

Dr. Jeff Forman Assists in Rehab Hospital

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doctor on call

Sheba Social Worker Deals With Traumatized Patients

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 Intern from Kansas Speaks About His Experiences

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Nate “Buzz” Visits Patients

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Rehabbing Couple from the “Party”

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