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There Can Be No Doubt: Ministry of Health Ranks Sheba as the #1 Hospital in Israel 

For the past 5 years, Sheba Medical Center has been ranked as one of the “World’s Best Hospitals”, as well as #1 in Israel and the Middle East region by NEWSWEEK Magazine.

If there was any doubt left in the minds of those who believe that magazine rankings have their shortcomings, despite Newsweek’s increasingly competitive grading standards, Israel’s Ministry of Health this week, put their stamp of approval on Sheba’s commitment to medical excellency.

The Ministry of Health measured all Israeli hospitals based on 75 different medical parameters across a mélange of different departments (Examples-rehabilitation, geriatric, dialysis, psychiatry, etc.) during 2022.

After analyzing all of the results, Sheba Medical Center emerged as the hospital with the highest standards in Israel. Kudos go to our incredibly talented medical and support staff who work day and night to offer the most innovative treatments and care to the citizens of Israel and the world.

We are proud to announce that Sheba Global has expanded its’ ground-breaking lineup of informative medical series! This week we unveil “Doctor on Call”, where our top experts provide important tips to the public at large. In this week’s edition, we also unveil the newest episode of “Science Dose”, which has generated buzz around the world.


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