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Trauma School at Sheba to Train Hundreds of Trauma Therapists in a Training Marathon Supported by the New York Federation

As the nation of Israel copes with a myriad of physical and mental challenges in the aftermath of October 7th, Sheba Medical Center, a recognized leader in the field of clinical psychiatric research, endeavors to triple the number of patients it expects to treat in its Trauma Unit via an innovative training program with the support of the Jewish Federation of New York (UJA).

According to Israel’s Ministry of Health, over 100,000 citizens experienced severe trauma as a result of the catastrophic events, which occurred on October 7th, necessitating an unprecedented level of preparedness and mobilization.

The Jewish Federation of New York’s $550,000 donation for the establishment of Sheba’s Trauma Training School, will enable the medical facility to triple the number of patients it is treating during the war to nearly 6,000 people.

The program includes a training camp for trauma treatment, featuring experiential-based guidance, enabling professionals to begin fieldwork promptly. The course, lasting about two weeks, is intended for certified mental health professionals, with a focus on the periphery. Each course will train 30 professionals who commit to working for at least a year in a public mental health clinic. Sheba’s renowned MSR medical simulation and education center plans to train about 600 mental health professionals in the coming year. Additionally, simulation-based workshops will be offered to trauma experts managing their private clinics across Israel, enabling them to train their teams.

The Jewish Federation of New York is also supporting the expansion of the rehabilitation program at Sheba, which has treated nearly 900 victims, 75% of whom require rehabilitation, with an additional $400,000 plus donation. The growing numbers of rehab patients has necessitated the expansion of the hospital’s rehabilitation departments, which have tripled their bed count to nearly 120 due to the war.

Itzik Shmuli, Director General Israel Office UJA Federation of New York and former Minister of Labor and Welfare, commented, “In light of the immense needs generated by the current war, it is crucial to expand the circle of assistance in the community and hospitals. While the government is still preparing to adapt the necessary response to the immense challenge we face, the New York Federation is here to provide immediate support and assistance today and always. We have done the same in supporting communities, families, and soldiers affected by the war, local authorities and by assisting hospitals in the emergency field and specifically supporting the trauma network with $5.8 million dollars”.

“The horrifying Hamas terror attack on October 7th and the subsequent war has presented the Israeli healthcare system with its biggest challenge since the founding of the State of Israel, especially in the realm of physical rehabilitation and mental health treatments, including a massive spike in treating PTSD amongst civilians and soldiers alike. Sheba has been a mental healthcare role model, especially within the realm of PTSD. Therefore, I would like to thank the Jewish Federation of New York (UJA) for its generous support of our programs at Sheba and the State of Israel during this national crisis, which we are confident will address the needs of our citizens and soldiers alike,” said Professor Yitshak Kreiss, Director General of Sheba Medical Center.

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