A joyous music festival turned tragic following a brutal terrorist attack. After both lost a leg to a grenade, couple Ben Binyamin and Gali Segal embarked on a journey of recovery.

A Night of Horror for Ben and Gali

On October 7, amidst festivities at Kibbutz Re’im, Ben and Gali’s lives were forever altered by an act of terror. The resulting injuries led to the amputation of their right legs, marking the start of an unexpected journey. Initially treated at Soroka Hospital and later transferred to Hillel Yaffe Medical Center, the couple has faced adversity with remarkable bravery. 

When the acute care phase came to a close, the couple bid farewell to their medical team and arrived at Sheba for their rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation At Sheba

In a touching ceremony filled with Israeli flags and tears of hope, the staff of Hillel Yaffe Medical Center didn’t just say goodbye; they celebrated the couple’s courage.

At Sheba, the journey ahead for Ben and Gali is about more than physical healing; it’s about relearning life fundamentals and finding new ways to embrace their shared lives. Serving as Israel’s national rehabilitation center, Sheba cares for many of the civilians and IDF soldiers injured during the October 7th attack and will stand by Ben and Gali until they recover from their injuries.

As they take each new step together, Ben and Gali are not only redefining their own lives but also inspiring countless others with their courage and love.

Ben and Gali at Sheba Medical Center

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