In a significant stride towards improving healthcare resilience, Sheba Medical Center proudly opened the Victims of War Rehabilitation Center last week at an official ceremony attended by the President of Israel, Isaac Herzog, and First Lady Michal Herzog.

Founded in 1948, the same year Israel was born, Sheba has since served as the cornerstone of the country’s healthcare system. The introduction of the new rehabilitation center further solidifies its central role, with a particular emphasis on the provision of advanced care during times of dire need.

An Extensive New Rehabilitation Center

The newly established 36-bed rehabilitation center is a fusion of cutting-edge treatment modalities and groundbreaking technologies such as virtual reality and robotics. The rehabilitation center is designed not merely to address the physical ailments of war victims but to foster a conducive environment for mental healing, facilitating a quicker reintegration into the daily rigors of life.

The new rehabilitation center is more than a facility. It’s a monumental pledge towards long-term and life-long rehabilitation for both injured citizens and IDF soldiers. It reflects Sheba’s holistic approach to healthcare, marrying advanced technology with compassionate care, ready and prepared to provide a backbone of support to Israel and its citizens.

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