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Winding Down a Challenging Year at Sheba

They say that life goes by in a blink of an eye. Sheba’s medical and support staff have experienced and are continuing to experience challenges that are worthy of having lived several lives at once!!!

It is a testament to the undying belief of every single member of our staff that we live the motto of offering ‘hope without boundaries’, whether in peace or during wartime, 24/7.

What is particularly heart-warming, as a violent 2023 comes to an end, is that we have discovered that hope without boundaries also encompasses our growing numbers of supporters abroad. The amounts of scheduled and impromptu ‘bikur cholim’ visits to injured civilians and soldiers from a wide range of individuals, groups and top-tier celebrities especially from the USA (Brett Gelman, Michael Rapaport, Jerry Seinfeld, Debra Messing etc.), have been a true eye-opener.

And even those people, including children, who could not make it to Israel or others who just wished to contribute something to bring a smile to those who were injured…well, these are perfect examples of how kindness will always triumph over evil.

Let us all pray for and embrace peace for Israel and the world-at-large in 2024!

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